Identifying Top eDRMS Contributors

Do you need to measure the effectiveness of your staff compliance with capturing corporate documents and emails into infoXpert eDRMS based on your policies?

We have recently developed two new Admin reports that enables an organisation to take a snapshot of which users are your top contributors to the eDRMS.

Report: DocumentsRegisterStatsByUser

The DocumentsRegisterStatsByUser report provides a summary of which users are your best (and worst) contributors to the eDRMS.

It provides a measurement ...

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Tip: Create Reminders for Documents


For documents that require action, attention or follow up in the future – infoXpert’s ISO/Periodic Review is a very useful function for scheduling reminders on documents to occur on a specific date or on a regular basis, such as every 6 months.

Some examples on how this could be used:

  • Contracts – set a reminder to action on a specific date (e.g. 1 Feb 2016)
  • Grants – set a follow-up for an application on specific date
  • Engineering – ...
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Tips using Edit function in v8.3

A number of enhancements to the “Edit” function were included in infoXpert eDRMS version 8.3, which also has an impact on the length of the document path/URL.

Enhancements to the Edit Function

Version 8.3 introduced two main improvements for the “Edit” function:

  1. Enable the Edit function to work in other web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari for the Mac. (Previously in v8.2 the Edit function was only available for Internet Explorer only)
  2. Embed the “user ...
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