Information Governance for Google Apps using infoXpert

With many organisations using Google Apps as their email and document creation platform, infoXpert eDRMS provides records compliance and information governance by enabling users to seamlessly integrate Google Drive (Google Docs, Sheets & Slides) and Gmail (email) with infoXpert eDRMS.

Using the new infoXpert workbench web app you can choose “Google Drive” or “Gmail” as the source location for registering documents & emails into the eDRMS. infoXpert eDRMS connects to the Google APIs using OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication, and displays a list of documents & ...

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PropertyWise Integration with infoXpert eDRMS

The development teams at InfoXpert and MicroWise have been busy collaborating on the seamless integration between infoXpert eDRMS and PropertyWise property & rating information system.

The optional infoXpert Enterprise Connector enables PropertyWise to deliver its generated documents (e.g. Building Permits, Rates Reminders, etc.) for automatic filing into the infoXpert eDRMS.

How it works:

  • Within PropertyWise – once a generated document is complete & finalised the user selects the “Secure” button on the PropertyWise Documents screen.
  • The infoXpert Enterprise Connector module connects to PropertyWise to identify the “secured” documents ready for processing
  • Any new ...
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