Our Enterprise Content and Document Management Software will completely change the way you look at managing your paper and electronic documents.

As your organisation’s information repository grows and with the increase in your statutory & legal obligations, it is vital that you can securely manage your information from a central portal whilst providing systematic control over the life cycle of recorded information. infoXpert Document, Records & Content Management makes that easier than ever, allowing you unprecedented freedom, simplicity, flexibility and security to manage and work on your documents across the entire enterprise. Any authorised user can create, view, edit, share and manage documents safely and securely anytime and anywhere (from different office locations, from home, even across the globe!).

infoXpert eDRMS is the ideal solution, enabling organisations to effectively and efficiently create, capture, secure, share, distribute and manage digital and paper-based documents, records and content.

  • Intuitive, easy to use web interface
  • Browser based .NET architecture 
  • Document Retention, Archival & Disposition Rules 
  • Full-text Indexing 
  • Version control with check in/check out 
  • Create, share and manage documents 
  • Multi-step workflow with escalation 
  • ISO document control & approval 
  • Desktop integration with Microsoft® Office applications 
  • Subscriptions and email notifications 
  • VERS compliance & VEO export 

No other application in its class, delivers such functionality combined with ease of use.

Click Here to download a brochure (PDF format) which provides an overview of the infoXpert eDRMS features.

The infoXpert eDRMS/ECM solution consists of a number of integrated components & modules including:

  • Records Management
  • Rentention & Disposal
  • Workflow & Routing
  • Document Management
  • Team Workspace
  • Publish to Web & Client Portal
  • Content Management
  • WebServices API
  • WebDAV Server

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Server Requirements (On-Premise)

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2 to 2012
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 to 2012
  • Microsoft .NET v3.5sp1 and 4.5 frameworks
  • Adobe PDF and Microsoft Office 2010 iFilters
  • Microsoft Office 2010 (for server PDF rendering feature)


Web Client (On-Premise and Cloud)

  • Internet Explorer v9+, Mozilla Firefox v25+, Chrome v25+, Safari v6+
  • Microsoft Silverlight v5 (for word/excel preview and editing)


Enhanced infoXpert Apps for Windows

(e.g. MS Office Connectors, Batch Scanning, PDF Annotations, Workbench)

  • Microsoft Windows 7 to 8.1
  • Microsoft .NET v3.5sp1 and 4.5 frameworks
  • Microsoft Office 2007 sp3, 2010 sp1, 2013
  • Visual Studio Tools for Office framework
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader v10+

Note: none of the above operating system & RDBMS components are supplied with the infoXpert eDRMS solution.