EvolvePlus Library

EvolvePlus Integrated Library Solutions

We offer a range of state of the art library solutions – ranging from complete Library Management Systems through to Discovery products and People Counters:

  • Integrated Library Solution - ILS

    The EvolvePlus ILS (Integrated Library System) is a flexible library solution that allows you to customise the software to fit the unique requirements of your library environment.

    EvolvePlus features an extensive range of web browser based library modules including Acquisitions, Authority Control, Catalogue, Patron Management, Circulation, Periodicals, Reporting, WebOPAC, PC Booking, Reference Tracking, Web Content Portal and Discovery Layer.

    Evolve Cloud Edition

    The EvolvePlus Cloud Edition is a hosted software as a service (SaaS) edition which delivers lower up-front costs and reduced hardware infrastructure.

    Evolve On-Premise Edition

    The EvolvePlus On-Premise Edition is installed on a server within your local network providing maximum performance and active directory integration.

    For more information on the EvolvePlus ILS solution please refer to the EvolvePlus web site at www.evolveplus.com.au/evolve-ils-overview.

  • VuFind Discovery Layer

    The EvolvePlus ILS Solution, incorporating the the VuFind Discovery Layer, enables libraries to provide patrons with a unique web 2.0 experience often missing in traditional library system OPACs. The “Google Style” interface provides a range of impressive features including:

    • Separate Interface for Mobile Devices (e.g. iPhone & Android)
    • Faceted Results
    • Tagging and Folksonomy
    • Save Resources to Organized Lists (“My Favourites”)
    • Real-time ILS Holdings (Item) Record Status and Location using AJAX
    • Similar Resource Suggestions
    • Integration to Facebook, Wikipedia, Syndetics, LibraryThing, Summon, Amazon, OpenLibrary, ContentCafe and Google Books
    • Available as Cloud (Hosted) and Editions

    Libraries have the unique choice of:

    • Replace existing ILS with the complete EvolvePlus ILS solution including the VuFind Discovery Layer
    • OR retain existing ILS and replace just the OPAC module – with EvolvePlus implementing the VuFind Discovery Layer as a managed service.

    Are there many Library System vendors that provide you with this choice?

    For more information on the EvolvePlus Discovery solutions please refer to the EvolvePlus web site at www.evolveplus.com.au/products-vufind-overview.

  • Discovery Layer for Amlib LMS

    See your Amlib catalogue come alive with the EvolvePlus Discovery Layer solution. Libraries can replace the Amlib NetOpacs OPAC search functionality with the impressive VuFind discovery platform and provide borrowers with a fast & flexible web 2.0 experience and integrated mobile phone interface.

    Importantly, our solution means libraries can offer a new OPAC experience to their community whilst continuing to use Amlib for all library management functions such as circulation and cataloguing.

    The EvolvePlus Discovery Layer solution incorporates an Amlib LMS connector for real-time connectivity to the Amlib SQL Server database to display the current loan status and location of records within search results.

    For more information on the EvolvePlus Discovery solutions please refer to the EvolvePlus web site at www.evolveplus.com.au/products-vufind-overview.

  • People Counters

    EvolvePlus offers highly-accurate infrared-based people counting solutions to gather valuable customer information. Our completely wireless People Counting System offers a reliable, user-friendly, and affordable tool that will help almost any type of organisation operate more efficiently.

    The small size and weight of our battery powered People Counters allows for installation almost anywhere. The Sensor Network Gateway captures the counting data from one or multiple counters and uploads it to a local or remote PC every minute. Our special ‘SensorServer™’ software allows users to analyze the data by hour, day, week, month, and year in table or graph form. The simple end-user installation and maintenance of our systems eliminates technical support costs.