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Other Solutions

A range of other related solutions are available from InfoXpert to complement your infoXpert eDRMS/ECM.

  • ShadowProtect Backup & Recovery

    ShadowProtect from StorageCraft provides fast and reliable disaster recovery for every organisation using the infoXpert eDRMS/ECM as well as other IT applications used. ShadowProtect provides complete data protection for Windows Servers which enables organisations to maximise their business continuity and minimise their recovery time.

    One of the biggest challenges companies face is how to maximise business continuity and avoid business disruption following a server failure. ShadowProtect Server and ShadowProtect Small Business Server solutions provide fast and reliable disaster recovery, data protection and system migration to get servers online as quickly as possible. ShadowProtect Server includes bare metal recovery to the same system, dissimilar hardware or to and from virtual environments. Protect your entire server environment including the operating system, applications like Microsoft™ Exchange and SQL, and your infoXpert eDRMS/ECM data.

    ShadowProtect Server gives you the tools you need to centrally manage your point-in-time backup images and restore them in a matter of minutes. The easy-to-use management console allows you to simultaneously push install ShadowProtect to all your Windows servers from a central location and view the backup status of all protected Windows servers in your organization. In addition, ShadowProtect Server provides you with VirtualBoot™ technology — for failover to a virtual server — as well as a virtual converter to convert ShadowProtect backup images into virtual machines.

  • Email Archiving

    Email ArchiveThe email archiving software captures, retains, preserves and searches for email. The solution captures a single instance of each email message, applies granular retention and disposition policies and provides advanced search, ensuring efficient Exchange email archiving.

    • FastDeploy – Deploys in days, not weeks, without installing software on end users’ desktops or on email servers
    • BuiltRight – Stores attachments as single-instances separate from message body and metadata, reducing the space required for long-term preservation of messaging data, avoiding storage burden and maintaining performance on email servers
    • BusinessConnect – Makes email available to the rest of the business, easily integrating with external systems, sharing data with customer relationship management (CRM) systems and collaboration tools such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
    • DiscoverySearch – Offers powerful search to quickly retrieve data to satisfy legal requests. By tagging data for categorization or later review, only relevant data is exported for further analysis and presentation
    • ZeroIMPACT – Captures and indexes new and historical messaging data transparently to end users. Reduces the storage volume of messaging data, freeing end users from the worries of mailbox quotas, meaning fewer help desk calls
    • AccessAnywhere – Accesses archived data seamlessly whether online or offline. Also enables users who are using mobile devices to seamlessly access messaging data from within the archive
    • KeepSmart – Uses flexible retention rules to help administrators keep only necessary data. Helps achieve compliance with regulatory mandates and ensures that email is available when needed by creating rules from your organization’s retention policies
    • SingleStore – Eliminates the need for multiple archiving systems by supporting Microsoft Exchange Server, Novell GroupWise and selected SMTP servers – all from a single console
  • ABBYY Hot Folder

    Automated OCR Processing for Greater Flexibility

    Use Hot Folder to schedule conversion at specific times and monitor progress. ABBYY Hot Folder allows you to designate a folder location on a local drive, network drive or FTP server to be monitored by ABBYY Hot Folder, which will automatically process any file placed in the specified location.

    ABBY Hot Folder Organisation is ideal for organisations using Network MFD (Multi Function Device such as Photocopier/Scanner/Fax Gateway) to scan documents to a network folder. With many MFDs only scanning as a Image Only PDF, ABBYY Hot Folder will transform the scanned document into a searchable PDF document and enables the scanned documents to be discovered via full text searching within infoXpert.