Project Services

Our Service is the Difference…

It is the infoXpert service that is the key factor why organisations choose infoXpert.

Our excellence in customer support together with the professional implementation services from our team of friendly & experienced staff will ensure that the transition to infoXpert is on time and on budget. Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Project management & planning
  • Installation & integration services (onsite or remote)
  • Administrator and End User training (onsite or remote)
  • Data conversion & migration
  • Custom development services
  • Consulting, outsourcing & audit services
  • Project Planning & Implementation

    infoXpert’s Project Planning & Implementation service is the first important step in planning for the timely and efficient migration from an organisation’s existing legacy Document Management and/or Records Management system to infoXpert.

    infoXpert’s  Project management involves planning, organising and managing a project to achieve defined goals. The outcome is often a unique product or service. A Project Manager coordinates human and other resources to complete the project within a given timeframe and budget. The staff assigned to a project will generally come from different divisions and have varying levels of expertise.

    Project  management has developed frameworks, tools and indicators to assist in project delivery. Frameworks include resource management, scope definition, vendor reliability and risk analysis. Examples of project tools are critical path analysis, Gantt charts, work breakdown structures. Organising resources to attain a specific goal requires access to data, information and use of knowledge management techniques, in order to complete the project efficiently and effectively.

    During the course of a project, progress is constantly monitored and reported. Indicators, such as time to completion and number of tasks behind schedule, are used as interim performance measures. The overall measures of success are defined before project commencement and are evaluated shortly after completion.

  • Installation & Configuration

    Onsite and remote installation of infoXpert is provided by qualified staff and consultants. Services available include:

    • Installation and configuration of infoXpert software & dependencies
    • Configuration of automated backup and disaster recovery procedures
    • Installation and configuration of Microsoft SQL Server RDBMS
    • Microsoft SQL Server RDBMS tuning  Onsite Training
  • Training Services

    Training of infoXpert is provided by qualified infoXpert Support & Training Consultants, with topics covering all aspects of the operation of infoXpert including:

    • Configuring system parameters (including assistance with setup)
    • infoXpert operation and navigation overview
    •  infoXpert application training (includes setup, maintenance and searching)
    • infoXpert customisation & advanced topics (including customising reports and searches)
  • Data Conversion & Migration

    InfoXpert has considerable experience at migrating records management and document management data from a customer’s existing system into infoXpert. These systems include DataWorks, TRIM, Civica, RecFind, Sharepoint, InfoVision, Fujitsu and Genesys.

    Depending on the scope of the Data Migration we are able to migrate existing folders,  document meta data and electronic documents into infoXpert where data is supplied in the format specified by infoXpert.

  • Custom Development & Integration Services

    Integration between infoXpert and other software products is a key priority for our organisation. Our philosophy is that our eDRMS should be viewed as an integrated, centralised document storage vault interacting with other applications to ensure the efficient capture, storage and retrieval of all corporate documents without duplication across systems.

    InfoXpert provides seamless integration with a wide range of Finance, CRM, Property, Rating, Administration, Library Management and GIS/Mapping products. We are able to provide custom development services to ensure that infoXpert can be tightly integrated with your existing business applications.

    For more information on the Integration Services and API used for custom develop, visit our Web Services API page.

  • Consulting, Outsourcing & Audit Services

    Our team of certified partners can also offer the following services to yoour organisation:

    • Outsourcing Services
    • Retention and Disposal Schedule Design
    • Vital Records Management
    • Business Improvement
    • Records Security Classification Design
    • Business Classification Scheme Design
    • Records Management Maturity Assessment
    • Records Management Auditing